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Nike Launch The 'Ready Pack'

Uniting the roster for the 23/24 season, Nike launch the ‘Ready Pack’, ensuring its players are equipped in fresh new colourways for the Phantom GX, Phantom Luna, Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 and Superfly 9, and Tiempo Legend 10.

With European leagues returning to action over the next couple of weeks, Nike release the ‘Ready Pack’ for the commencement of the 23/24 season, ensuring all of its players are, well, ready actually. The Nike Ready Pack follows on from the Women’s World Cup ‘United Pack’, slapping a “Bright Crimson/Black/White” paint job on the Phantom GX, Phantom Luna, Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 and Superfly 9, and Tiempo Legend 10.

ready 9-min.jpg
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The pack sees the colours switching into prime position for each silo. The all-new Tiempo Legend 10 sees white as its primary colour, while the Swoosh branding and heel detailing stands out in a bold black outline. The bright crimson is then utilised around the cuff and tongue area. 

Of course, the main talking point around the Tiempo Legend 10 is the lack of leather, replaced instead by FlyTouch Plus, which helps make the Tiempo Legend 10 the lightest Tiempo to date, as well as 55 percent less water-retentive than previous versions. FlyTouch Plus also has a grippy feel that gives players a consistent touch on the ball no matter if it’s wet or dry, and it looks great in white.

ready 15-min.jpg
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Next up is the Phantom Luna, which sees the Bright Crimson in the headline position, dominating the look. In fact, the black and white really only play minimal supporting roles, featuring in the branding and on the studs of the Cyclone 360 soleplate. 

Designed with female athletes in mind, the Phantom Luna is anatomically created with a lower cuff for to accommodate the ankle on a female, while the higher collar provides increased lockdown. That Cyclone 360 soleplate features a circular stud pattern near the toes to allow for rotational traction on any surface, but also the ability to plant, pivot or push off in one motion. The new design reduces rotational traction significantly, allowing a mix of grip without being overly grippy.

ready 14-min.jpg
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Then we get a striking new look for the Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 and Superfly 9. Like the Tiempo, it sees a predominantly white base, albeit here it comes with a strong heel graphic that carries the 'Air' branding. Black then features in the Swoosh branding on the forefoot and on the stud tips. 

Finally, we get the Phantom GX, in which the Bright Crimson plays out on the Gripknit upper, with black on the heel and white flashing through the solepate. Like the Mercurial, the Phantom GX is available in two variations: lowcut, and dynamic fit. Brother to the Phantom Luna, the GX's main feature is Nike Gripknit technology, which provides the perfect interaction with the ball, offering just the right amount of stick – sticky enough to gain extra control while not being too sticky.

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