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Les Benjamins Collaborate With Coca-Cola On a Football Inspired Capsule Collection

A collection rooted in a genuine love for football, Les Benjamins have partnered with Coca-Cola for a capsule release that personifies an Eastern streetwear and underground creative scene that is booming. Good fizz, solid taste and straight up party, you're gonna want a piece of this.

Les Benjamins is a Turkish fashion brand that has broken ground and firmly established itself as a brand that has put contemporary luxury streetwear on the map. An ethos and design philosophy steeped in culture and tradition, it showcases how far the East has come in terms of a progressive cultural perspective. Joining forces with Coca-Cola, it is a move that shows how Les Benjamin captures a football mood that is as pure as it is pioneering.

Les Benjamins is no stranger to the football space having collaborated with Besiktas in 2018 however this collaboration with Coca-Cola goes further in bringing streetwear back into the playing field of the world's most talked about game.

Coca-Cola has always celebrated togetherness and inclusivity. This capsule collection demonstrates Les Benjamins’ desire and ambition to push the boundaries between fashion and pop culture. Notably, this is also a unisex collection – it keeps an open mind with thought-provoking drops that quenches thirst but will also leave you looking forward to Les Benjamins releasing successive inspired pieces in the future.
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0008_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_01.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0007_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_02.jpg

Building on previous collaborations with key fashion partners it shows the dynamic power of Coca-Cola to look on-trend both on football apparel and on streetwear apparel. The Coca-Cola x Les Benjamins line, which consists of so much threaded goodness that it will dress a strong fashion crowd from top to toe. Bespoke headwear pieces are also paired with a selection of football socks and with club style jerseys both cropped, long and complimented by various mouthwatering denim pieces, it is a fashion game-changer in every sense.

Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0006_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_03.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0003_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_07.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0002_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_08.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0001_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_09.jpg
Designed by Creative Director, Bunyamin Aydin, this unisex range is created in Coca-Cola’s signature colours of black, red and white and draws inspiration from 1980s and 90s football fandom culture. Les Benjamins’ signature carpet pattern;, a staple monogram seen through all of their collaborations, is also highlighted in each piece from this collection. The look book also sees Coca-Cola’s classic logo showcased on different silhouettes - from bold red tops to matching denim trousers and jackets, from bodysuits and dresses to blazers and shorts. This capsule line is a contemporary interpretation of Les Benjamins’ streetwear aesthetic combined with Coca-Cola’s exemplary legacy resulting in a unique statement.
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible_0014_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_White_Background_Looks_02.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible_0013_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_White_Background_Looks_03.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible_0003_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_White_Background_Looks_13.jpg
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Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible_0002_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_White_Background_Looks_14.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible_0000_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_White_Background_Looks_16.jpg

Bunyamin Aydin, founder and creative director, Les Benjamins, said of this opportunity of a lifetime, “I grew up with football back in Germany playing in Neuss at age 6. My parents would support me and watch all my training sessions. Coca-Cola x Les Benjamins is inspired by vintage advertising and the 70's & 80’s football era. Maradona, Pele and Beckenbauer are all icons that inspired me to design this collection. My signature carpet pattern, football culture and tailoring elements form the melting pot of a very unique offering.''

Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0004_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_06.jpg
Les Benjamins Coca Cola SoccerBible portrait_0005_Les_Benjamins_Coca_Cola_Still_Life_Campaign_05.jpg

This football-inspired range will be first unveiled at Les Benjamins stores & online followed by a pop-up launch at Beymen in the brand’s homebase of Istanbul.


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