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Boots and Bible Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Ephesians 6:15 “your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace” 

To build connections between Veterans, Service Members and Military Families in the community to spiritually strengthen all.

To be seen as a ministry that takes care of Veterans, Service Members and Military Families.

Core Values

Training the local church to meet the needs of Veterans, Service Members and Military Families: Over a decade of war will result in at least five decades of lasting trauma. Only through the body of Christ at the local level will we see true healing and long-lived restoration of a stressed military force and their families.

Building connections between those currently serving and former Service Members to strengthen the community: It is too easy for Military Families to fall through the cracks, especially with training courses, extended exercises and multiple deployments.

Established active and former members of the armed forces are uniquely positioned to build community and provide informed care to those currently serving and those struggling from past years of service.

    • Frequent Bible studies will be offered to ensure the spiritual needs of our community is met.
    • Visiting and ministering to those in nursing homes, long term care facilities, hospitals as well as shut-ins is a prime element of serving those who served. Visitation during various holidays will be a key activity for our ministry.
    • Partnering with local veterans organizations will keep our eyes and ears open to the needs of our past and present Service Members.
    • Knowing and reaching out to our local active Service Members and their Families positions us to offer spiritual encouragement and direct them to resources that local service agencies, the VA and the military offer. Though our primary task is spiritual we cannot overlook the social aspect.

Keeping track of our “Deployment Families”:  Even though the cycle is currently slowing, deployments continue to be repetitive, and often catch Military Families, especially Reserve and National Guard Families off-guard.

    • We believe each deploying Service Member and Family should have a prayerful public commissioning in one of the regular adult worship services prior to leaving. If that is unwanted, one in private should be offered.
    • Deployment Families should be intentionally reached out to in tangible ways and should be tracked and cared for throughout the deployment.  James 1:27 & Matthew 25:34-36
    • Deployed Service Members should receive at least one care package from the church body while they are deployed. Recommend using adult ministry groups as well as children’s and youth ministry groups that would like to take this up as a special project.

Holiday Events:  Military Families often end up living a very transient lifestyle. While others are happily enjoying holidays with family and friends that live nearby, Service Members are often isolated; Veterans in care facilities, that much more. A year calendar of events planned around the major holidays can help to build community and pull our Veterans and Military Families into the church community. These events can be hosted by our congregation families, and we encourage those who have never served to host these events as a means of participating in this ministry and further broadening its intention of fully integrating Veterans, Service Members and their Families into the community.

Feedback: It is our hope and prayer that Boots and Bible will take an organized approach to Military Ministry. Use of Immediate Feedback Forms should capture regular assessments for every Boots and Bible event and ensure that Boots and Bible continues to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of our Veterans, Service Members and Military Families.

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Boots and Bible Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization