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Artist Martin Ron Completes Messi Mural On First Anniversary of Argentina’s World Cup Victory

To commemorate the one year anniversary of Argentina’s World Cup win in Qatar, artist Martin Ron has produced a giant mural of Lionel Messi in Buenos Aires, located in the same district as another of his great works, that of Diego Maradona.

A year on from Argentina’s World Cup win, a giant Lionel Messi mural created by artist Martin Ron from his series of murals called the ‘Capitanes' has been officially completed and revealed, located on the corner of Avenida Belgrano and Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ron has created both Diego Maradona and Leonel Messi's murals to pay tribute to the two great footballers who led Argentina to victory at the 1986 and 2022 FIFA World Cup’s respectively.

The Messi mural is gigantic, occupying a wall 35 metres high by 20 metres wide. It took more than 200 litres if paint to complete, about 50 brushes and a lot of patience. It was first conceptualised a year ago, when the mural for Maradona’s 62nd was inaugurated, which also coincided with the commencement of the 2022 World Cup. “The [Maradona] mural was a success. Word spread all over the world, and we said that if Argentina eventually won [the 2022 tournament], we were going to portray Messi the following year,” Ron commented. Sure enough, one year on and we have the finished mural, sitting opposite Maradona. Pair of perfect 10s.

messi 11-min.jpg
messi 14-min.jpg
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Check out more of Martin Ron's work here.

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