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adidas Officially Reintroduces The Iconic F50 Franchise

It’s been close to a decade since we last saw the famous F50 franchise on a football pitch, but now its back, with adidas lifting the veil on the special edition ‘Fast Reborn’ pack, which has already been spotted on the feet of its greatest ever advocate, Lionel Messi.

The F50 was one of those boots that left a lasting legacy in the game, entwined, as it was, with iconic moments, such as Lionel Messi’s famous 2009 “boot kiss” celebration against Manchester United. Now, two decades on from the very first adidas F50, which landed ahead of Euro 2004, the famous franchise officially makes its anticipated return with a new throwback design inspired by one of its most beloved iterations – the ‘Chameleon’ pack, immortalised by Lionel Messi at the 2010 World Cup.

The F50 ‘Fast Reborn’ limited collection revisits the memorable purple base colour, with a new “Unity Purple” hue complimented by “Lucid Lemon” and white detailing. The soleplate features a continuation of the “Lucid Lemon” colour running from the toe end before merging into a white base at the heel, which wraps around into a block white external heel counter. The boot has undergone a series of technology updates engineered for speed, as a precursor to an all-new F50 model, set to land in June this year. 

F50 16 Min
F50 15 Min
F50 14 Min
F50 13 Min

Sam Handy, SVP of Product and Design at adidas said, “The F50 is a defining boot for so many across the last two decades, and with 9 years on ice, the time is right to reintroduce its game-defining speed. With modern-day football so dominated by tactics, statistics, and often rigid tactical structures – sometimes out-and-out speed is the only way of breaking the game.

The design of ‘Fast Reborn’ acknowledges F50’s place in football culture, and the respect it commands, while giving a glimpse into the future potential of the franchise. We’re excited to share more in the coming months as we enter a new F50 era and show our fans what is under the hood.

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F50 ‘Fast Reborn’ was worn on pitch for the first-time by Lionel Messi on 19 May and will be followed by some of the game’s top players including Rafael Leão, Son Heung-min, Linda Caicedo, Trinity Rodman, Lamine Yamal and Florian Wirtz, in upcoming games.

f50 6-min.jpg
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Pick up the adidas F50 Fast Reborn at 

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