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Hattie Crowther Challenges The Status Quo With "Fuck The Fans" Collection

UK designer and fashion lecturer, Hattie Crowther has revealed her latest collection of work, which has been presented under the banner, “Fuck the Fans’, which explores the darker side of fan culture.

Hattie Crowther has emerged as a strong voice in the political side of football, using her incredibly creative talents to highlight deeper issues surrounding the game. Back in 2022 she relaunched her football-themed corset collection in response to FIFA’s decision to allow Qatar – a country where homosexuality is illegal – to host the men’s World Cup. The collection returned as a statement in the face of the inequality that was on show, instead celebrating individuality to its fullest. Now, ahead of another summer of international tournaments, the focus is turned on to a different side to the game.

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'Fuck the Fans’ delves into the paradox of fan loyalty turning toxic in the face of defeat, exposing the darker aspects of fan culture,” Crowther explained. “Focused on the abuse suffered by our young black players during the Euro 2020 final against Italy, the project highlights the need for collective action to address fan toxicity and protect athletes. It also prompts discussions on fan responsibilities, player pressures, and the importance of advocating for a more respectful and inclusive sporting environment.

Using retro England shirts ahead of this summer’s Euro 2024 tournament, sourced through charity shops, wholesalers and vinted, Crowther has used sublimated prints of some of England’s outstanding black players from recent years, including Bukayo Saka after his crucial penalty was saved in the Euro 2020 final. The technique breathes new life into some retro home and away jerseys, while addressing an important and often overlooked aspect of fandom. Crowther has also stated that she will be donating 20 percent of each purchase to the Football Beyond Boarders Charity, supporting the vital work that they do.

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Photography by Rebecca Zephyr Thomas


Basil Lam

Daniel Rozsahegyi

Michelle Noel 

Joe Hunter

Nic Jones

Brian Edmond

Dillan Hopkins

Niran Faloye

Rosacea Blemish

The garments from the "Fuck The Fans" project will be available to purchase at from 3pm on Saturday 1 June. 

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