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Lena Gercke Talks Football & Fashion And Euro 2024 In Germany

Having featured in the recent adidas launch video for the reveal of the new Germany 2024 kit, we recently caught up with model and TV Personality Lena Gercke to get her take on the fashion/football space and the atmosphere surrounding the upcoming Euros.

For those outside of Germany and the wider fashion world, the name Lena Gercke may not be familiar. The model-come-presenter burst on to the scene back in 2006 when she won Germany’s Next Top Model, and she hasn’t looked back since. Now an adidas ambassador, she was involved in the launch video for the 2024 national team kits, and her position at the intersection of football and fashion gives her a unique perspective on the movement. We caught up with Gercke recently and were keen to get her views on the new kits and the impending Euros in her home nation and what the party surrounding that would be like.

When fashion and football mix, some beautiful things can happen. How much do you enjoy these worlds colliding?

It’s quite amazing. I think you see that more and more now. Jerseys are no longer worn just on the sports field or when playing football. There’s the whole bloke core movement that’s happening and putting the jersey in a totally new environment. You can see that everywhere right now. I think that fashion has also generally been impacted in a good way by sport for such a long time. Influenced by it, I think. Sport simply polarises so many people in an insane way, and football, above all, is so incredibly polarising. Because of that, you can then also totally experiment with fashion and do a lot.

What’s the experience been like to be involved in this years kit launch?

Being involved, seeing the whole campaign come to life has been great. It’s a very cool campaign as a whole. To see the reaction to the kits too has been special, personally, I love the design. I love the new jerseys, especially the away jersey of course. I also get the feeling that fans have responded really well to it. It feels like trying something new has been embraced. I got to hand some jerseys out to people outside and everyone wanted the pink one!

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Putting out a pink kit is a beautiful statement. Energy, creativity. What does it say to you?

It just feels very cool. It’s almost like letting off steam. We can just be free to express ourselves in this era. So adding a colour like pink to our kits is just very powerful. Germany wearing a pink kit feels great. I already like the idea of wearing this at matches. It’s almost like I can look at this shirt as another piece in the wardrobe. I’m dressed ready for a game but it feels like I’m wearing something that’s not so sports performance. Which is a positive thing.

Think of footwear too - the samba has become a statement piece. What’s your take on where adidas finds itself now?

In the last few years we’ve definitely seen that rise of retro. A lot of things have come out that take inspiration from years gone by. From sneakers and shoes, to the old jerseys. Also the Adidas trefoil being more prominent in football has been interesting. I like it a lot. From a style perspective, all these things give you a lot to play with. I like this idea of looking back but also forward. Combining vintage with new pieces, new trends, it’s a lot of fun to play with fashion like this.

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In this year, when the European championship is on home soil too, can you feel that excitement building in Germany?

Now that the kits are out, and we’re having a few more events, like we have with Adidas, it feels like it’s all kicked off now. It’s made everyone all of a sudden feel so excited for the Euros. This is something so special. A real moment. As it’s being held in our country, here at home, we’re so much closer to it all. All that preparation, you can feel it. I think Germany will turn it into a beautiful frenzy this summer.

What kind of party will Germany put on as the host do you think? What would you like those that come to Germany experience about the culture?

I hope they take away that we’re a nation of very open minded, free-thinkers. We’re a creative country that is open to everyone. We are hospitable and want to make sure people enjoy the summer. I’d like people to remember the tournament with a feeling of us being very hospitable and we are supportive, helpful and overall very open culture.

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It’s a special time, a tournament. It brings people together. Do you have special memories of getting friends and family together in the past? How will you consume the tournament this summer?

I’d love to be able to watch as many games as possible live, in the stadiums. I love the atmosphere when you’re there. If not, I’ll be with all my friends and family. When I think back to previous tournaments, even those that have been in Germany, I still can feel all that excitement. I remember it vividly. Back then we went to watch the games in public places on the giant screens. Those images, all those people watching at the Brandenburg Gate. There must have been hundreds of thousands of people all standing and watching together. That’s a beautiful thing - football is such a sport of community. It brings people together and you meet so many people through it. Through their love for it. Everyone is of the same shared headspace in those moments. It brings back that feeling of national pride. I love being part of the frenzy!

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